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We are promised that there are 10000 shemale escort pictures and dozens of hours of video in their collection right now, all of them absolutely new and exclusive. They shoot all our pictures and videos themselves, so we’re not risking paying for what we’ve already seen before. Wired Shemales is updated bi-weekly. To top that off they give us a chance to send in what we want to see. They actually welcome that.

How many shemale escort sites want you to contact them directly? Not very many I can assure you. Major kudos to them for wanting us to see what we want to see instead of settling for what we get. Speaking of what we get with our membership, let us move into the members’ area.

As soon as you enter in your password and user name, you are greeted with a large banner graphic of a gorgeous shemale escort getting ready to plunge deep into one hot chic’s pussy. Immediately underneath that they have their content split into two sections, pictures and videos. The set up is extremely crisp and clean not to mention so completely easy to navigate. Below the pictures for shemale escort content choice are more links.

First you have the Updates link which, when clicked gives you a list of all updates that have been entered into the site. The regularity is seen there. It looks to be about every three to four days there is an update of both shemale escort pictures and videos.

Beyond the updates link is the shemale escort support button, which sends an email directly to their support department. Then still further down you find the one click cancellation option they boasted about in the tour. However, pay attention to which billing company your subscription is billed. The one touch cancellation...

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This site has exclusive shemale pic content of real transsexuals, who pass very successfully as women in the real world. Men will pick them up on beaches, at nightclubs or even at the grocery store. They take them home thinking they are going to fuck a beautiful babe. Instead of finding a juicy pussy waiting for them, the men find a hard throbbing cock. This site has shemale pic and videos of such men being taken in by these shemale pic tarts.

The pictures are amateurish in style but they are in focus and bring out the beauty of the real transsexuals. There are over a thousand shemale pic and would take a member several visits to view them all. Each set has a basic theme such as “Sharpshooter”, which features a shapely Latin shemale by the name of Natalie.

She’s picked up a parking lot by a young stud wanting some snatch. He fondles Natalie’s large breasts before she gives him a wild blowjob. He pulls down her panties to find that she has a dick much to his surprise. Natalie’s gets her butt banged while she strokes her massive manhood. That set alone has over a hundred pictures and there are over sixty more shemale pic sets to view inside Tranny Surprise.

Video section includes the same sets in the shemale pic sections but they are hotter because you can see cum exploding out of giant cocks, both men and transsexuals. There are three movies for each set and they can be viewed in shorter clips or as one big file. The shorter streaming mpgs are split and offered in two formats for both dial-up and broadband connections. They also offer the option of downloading them each shemale pic straight to your computer. The longer movies are usually 20 MB...

A Guide to Gay Online Sextoys

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There’s a lot of talk among the gay community that online sextoys are only available for the straight community, but that is not the actual case. Online sextoys are designed with no special sexual orientation in mind, whether you are straight or gay you can enjoy them according to your needs. Any gay person can enjoy a huge dildo as well as a rabbit vibrator.

Here we will discuss some of the online sextoys available and how you can use them. Double headed Dildos: You must have all seen them in lesbian videos when two lesbians use them fucking each other in tandem. This can be used by gays as well in a similar way, this sex toy can be a little hard for beginners due to its thickness. You could start with a slimmer one and gradually build up, butt plugs are good for this too.

Rabbit Vibrators: This queen of sex toy is gayer friendly than you might think. You can easily use it in the anus as well as the virginal but you don’t have to push it all the way in, you have to let the clit stimulator to rest below your testicles, this will send you the extreme pleasure, that women have been experiencing for a long time.

Clit Rings: These are mainly made keeping the clit in mind, but you might use to for your own sexual needs. But you have to make sure that it rests behind the balls of your partner when you fuck him from behind. Choose from any of the online sextoys available you are sure to find some online sex toys to suit your needs.


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Lured in by the dark mysterious look in her eyes, our stud fell under a spell when tiny Aline did her dance for him. Once she got started, there was no doubt she was about to show some of her mysterious talents. That was absolute pleasure.

Alexandra is one of the hottest Tgirls we’ve seen yet and trust us we’ve seen plenty. Watching her take in the ass is so hot you will start to sweat, check it out.

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It’s my pleasure to introduce you this dark and tanned tranny was ready for some beach sex and we were ready with the stiff meat. We ahve been finding some good tranny lately and Thaysla is no different.

We found this hot shemale walking along the street at night, so we picked her up to show her a good time fill with pleasure. Turns out she gave us the good time, this sexy shemale got the boys off faster than you can say Aiieee!!

Those hot brazilian nights turn into hotter days when Sarah meets Dandara and it gets even hotter still and pleasure indeed. Come along as we show you just how hot it gets when its Tranny Girl Vs. Girl.

Hilda is a squealer. When that monster cock slides back and forth in that ass, this smokin’ shemale lets out all kinds of moans and that only gets our throbbing cock harder, till we spray her face with cum or what shemales call it, tranny snow.


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Brand new gallery of a girl named Beer, who also went by the name of Nat when we ran a gallery of her taken by Snick in December.

This is a nice series with Beer dressed as a Nurse and looking sexy as hell; our photographer couldn’t help himself and had to dump his seed on her chest during this photo shoot and how could you blame him?

Being in a room with a tranny girl as sexy as this while she is undressing can certainly have that effect on someone; as you can see this tranny girl is stunning and will surely be one of the new superstars for 2009 around here.

Very nice Issan girl now living in Bangkok, she can be found at Cascades bar in Nana Plaza most nights.


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She answers to all one’s desires. Her sweet, soft breasts are heaving with passion. She moves your hand onto her rear end. She stands a little higher in her 3 inch stilettos so her hot, round bubble butt can find itself rubbing against your groping hands.

Your hand slides up her skirt and around to her backside. You slip a finger under the string of her tiny thong. Tranny’s taut firm butt waiting to be explored as she moans into your ear. She’s so ready to be deep penetrated. But as in all the really steamy transgender stories and shemale movies, there is more to discover with any true absolute Tranny.

You feel something growing against your own rock hard cock. You feel the string of her tiny thong straining as something is bulging and tugging forward in the front of our girl’s pretty panties. Her cock is slipping out from under her petit panties.
The only question now is who will fuck whom?


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